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Asian Youth Council (AYC), a regional youth coordinating body for National Youth Councils (NYC) in Asia, in its quest to promote “ONE ASIA” a prosperous Asia for all; recognizes the importance of the Millennium Development Goals for the future of Asian Youth, acknowledges the roles of young people in Asia in voicing out their opinion on issues affecting their future and facilitates the development of youth work in Asia.

It is our utmost desire to see the implementation of the Asian Youth Forum 2006’s Batam Declaration on the Millennium Development Goals.

We, the 118 delegates from 20 nations, having attended the “Asian Youth Forum 2006 on the Millennium Development Goals: Is the Future Within Reach?” held at Batam, Indonesia on 11th – 14th October 2006 hereby declare that we:

B - BUILDAwareness on MDGs in society, especially in schools and through cultural exchange programs;

Stronger and effective advocacy campaigns to support youth and positive Political, Economical, Social and Technological development;

Virtual network among young people to contribute ideas like developing a web-based monitoring and evaluation system of youth involvement in fulfilling the MDGs; and

Good issue-based rrelationships among national and international organizations.

A - ACTIVATEA broad network between developed countries to help other countries who have not yet achieved MDGs at the desired level;

Innovative ideas about conveying the message about MDGs.

T - TRANSFERSkills, knowledge and experiences (tacit and explicit) among Asian Youth member organizations for human capital development; and

Share problems of other countries so that all Asian countries could help each other.

A - ASSIST Civil society organizations (local national, international) in MDGs implementation at grassroots levels.

AYC in lobbying with UN agencies to mobilize funds for the young to realize their plans towards achieving MDGs.

Youth in achieving freedom to discuss their problems and aim at achieving sustainable solutions to the MDGs.

M - MOBILIZELocal, national and regional youth organizations to engage in effective partnerships with the private and public sector.

Other non-governmental Organisations in other countries to help us achieve the MDGs.

All efforts to formally involve the youth into governmental official policy making processes in each of the participating countries; and

All efforts to make AYC have permanent representation in Asian meetings.

We, the youth are partners of development today and leaders of tomorrow!

Batam, Indonesia
Dated : 13th of October 2006

Berikut ini adalah beberapa komentar peserta tentang penyelenggaraan AYF 2006 di Batam:

NGUYEN VIET ANH, Vietnam : I would like to express my great gratitude to you for organizing the AYF 2006. It was great and I had a really nice time in Batam, Indonesia. I learned a lot from other participants. Hope to see you soon in Vietnam in future event!

DR MIZAN R. KHAN, father of Farhana, a young participant from Bangladesh : Farhana is back home safe in time. She had a rewarding experience there & could learn so much. Many thanks for taking so good care of her. She spoke very high of you, not only as an organizer, but also as a caring, human person. I would be happy to see you sometime once we come to Malaysia, a beautiful country I visited many time since 1987. Again many thanks.

NICOLAUS USKONO, AYC Deputy President : I would like to take this chance to express my heart that the AYF 2006 that just held in Batam, Indonesia is really a wonderful event, an interesting function to join, an unforgetable event. The participants are really amazing, as most of them are very young, in their 20s. The Governor of Riau, Ismeth Abdullah, is very supportive for which we thank him.

NURULASYIKIN IKHWAN NASIR, a participant from Malaysia : "Those who went with me, especially the students from Mara College of Banting, learnt a lot during the trip. We will have knowledge sharing session with the rest of the school, on the 15th of Novermber 2006, to discuss the Batam Declaration. Wish us luck. Thank you to AYC for giving us the opportunity to participate."

KEVIN OSIDO ESQ, a participant from Kenya : First and foremost, I wish to start by once again THANKING the organizer of that great Conference to serve as a catalyst to continue to rally decent, great mosaic of honorable young people of every cadre, who have embarked on a wonderfull journey and are working hard to try and the MDGs a reality

DU DONG of All China Youth Federation : "About the Forum in Batam, i really feel the atmosphere of One Asia. We are a big family. Our youth should work together toward the MDGs even though Asia is a very diversified region. Our national youth councils should play a more constructive role in the progress towards MDGs."

OLIVIA CHIU of Singapore : "I felt that it was a valuable learning experience for me, fostering new friendships and building upon existing ones. It is certainly an encouraging trend, seeing youths from various nations come together and share their unique views openly. Accomodation was excellent (with equally excellent massage services), and programme was well coordinated. However, instead of buffet style for dinners, fixed servings for tables would be better, as the food often ran out. All in all, it was a memorable journey i would never forget. Thank you all for making this so enjoyable."

RADHIYATAM MARDHIYAH of Indonesia : "Beyond my expectation. The organizer has done a good job. Wonderful friends. Memorable experience! Thank you so much!"

FARHANA, from Bangladesh : "I am compelled to thank you from the bottom of my heart for organising such a wonderful conference. It was really great. Hope you had a hassle-free journey. How is your daughter Farhana? Give her my love and best wishes. Will it be possible for you to e-mail me a scanned version of the certificate of participation as i will be needing it very much? You are cordially invited to visit Bangladesh some time."

WA'EL AL-AGHBARI, from Yemen : It is my great pleasure to thank AYC for great preparing AYF 2006 in Batam, Indonesia. They were helpful, kind, and hospitable. Really I'm glad that I was one of the participants and I'm glad that I meet new good friends from different countries.

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