Saturday, June 16, 2007


Marsada are a lively 7-piece Batak group who perform their own arrangements of both traditional ceremonial music (uning-uningan) and more recent Batak folk using a mix of traditional instruments, acoustic guitars and close harmony vocals. Infectious rhythms and sensuous melodies. This group consist of Marlundu Situmorang as the lead vocal and the leader of the group, Kolous Sidabutar, Jannen Sigalingging, Tony Sidabutar, Amir Sinaga, Henry Manik and Amput Sidabutar.

Marsada will be donating a portion of their sales to the tsunami relief efforts to help their devasted country.

Below is link to a playlist from their Album titled PULO SAMOSIR. Samosir is name of the island in the middle of lake toba, the ancerstral land of Batak.

Audio Player ::

Make sure you turn your computer speaker on to enjoy their music. Enjoy listening...

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