Saturday, July 21, 2007


Perhaps, Ana is the most popular girl in Bintan Offshore. If you think it's because she is the sexiest girl around then you're totally wrong. To me, she is far from sexy looking. Asks Bintan Offshore why? Because, she is the one everybody in Bintan Offshore must looking for for their petty cash claim or reimbursement.

Ana is a native to Tanjungpinang. Finished her senior high in Tanjungpinang with an excellent result. Speaks Chinese dialects, Mandarin and fair English makes her the perfect choice for the job she is holding now which requires her to communicate frequently with expatriates working in Bintan Offshore mainly of Chinese, Indian, Bangladeshi and other Asian descendants who could hardly speak Bahasa.

Ana joined Bintan Offshore last years right on her birthday 20 July 2006. So, when she celebrated her 21th birthday yesterday, it was also her first anniversary with Bintan Offshore.

Dina, Ana's colleague in Finance and Admin Dept. light the candle marks 21 on top of the birthday cake. (Foto: Dumanti Sitorus)

Those joining Ana celebrating her happy momment, standing from left: Noviyanti, Sinta Ariyanti, Hendry Rusli, Zulkarni Alfikri, Petrus Sitohang, Hariani Gultom, Felix Fan, Ana Liu, Herlina Tahar, Novianti, Dina Harahap, Endang Istiningsih, Arifi Arum, Linda Helina and Singal Tobing. Front row (from left): Cherry Dellisa, Gustini, Muhamad Razi. (Foto: Dumanti Sitorus)
Last but not least, as far as I now as, she still available....


Anonymous said...

assalamualiakum : mo titip salam ya buat endang istiningsih yang makin caem met kerja aja moga sukses selalu

Anonymous said...

Hi..met Pagi Mbak Ana..
Bolehlah Bintan Offshore menjadikan tanjung pinang menjadi salah satu industri besar di Kepri.
saya turut bangga apabila Bintan offshore berkembang teruss.

Ferdinand Purba