Wednesday, September 26, 2007


Hilary and Gloria in their school unifor posing at Lagoi Beach Nirwana Gardens Resort.

Having read so many best seller books on how to be good daddy for my four kids, yet I'm not sure whether I can be one. Instead, I always cherish good momments of my childhood with my daddy brought me fishing to the river in Pematang Siantar before we moved to Jakarta. Or when he caught for me some little fishes from the water spring not far away from our house.

Therefore I feel grateful to Bintan Resort especially Ranan Samanya, the head of PT Bintan Resort Cakrawala Environmental, Health and Safety Division who came out with "Bintan Resort Sea Turtle Hatchery program". It is indeed a great idea. Ranan personally invited me to see release of the sea turtle babies to the sea in an effort to emphasises Bintan Resort commitment toward an environmental friendly resort.

It was the 8th times Bintan Resorts released some 125 sea turtle babies to the sea from it's hatchery at Lagoi Beach at Nirwana Gardens Resort Bintan Island on Thursday 20 September 2007. I brought my two little girs Gloria and Hilary straight away from their tuition after school. I just hope that they will enjoy and cherish this momment when they've grown up one day. Just as what I had with my dad...

The sea turtle babies released to the sea straight away after it's hacted from eggs to ensure it's animal instink develop naturally.

My second girl Hilary Sitohang rushed to watch the baby turtle release at Nirwana Gardens Resort's beach.

Lenni and Hilary (right) and Gloria (left) walked on the Nirwana Gardens Resort's beach.

Gloria and Hilary outside the sea turtle hatchery compound

Leaving Nirwana Gardens resort.

Ranan Samanya (on my right), Bintan Resort Environmental Head

Saturday, September 22, 2007


I have noticed someone was trying to confuse my friends and my blog reader by irresponsibly created an almost similar blog adress By content this blog seemed to be created to spread the Holy Bible verses and the Holy land through internet.

The correct address of my blog is

My blog content is about my personal life, travelling, friends, and my opinion on general issues and does not have any official link to any church or organisation.

As a good Christian I believe in the Lord words written in the holy bible. But spreading the Good News by hijacking someone's blog address without prior notice and permission from the owner should be considered as irresponsible act and may cause the adverse impact.

I strongly against this motive and demand that the person who did it to stop this act.

Friday, September 21, 2007


Frequently Asked Questions to the exBRC Staff 1994-1999 Batch Reunion:

Villa Angsoka Bintan Lagoon Resort, Bintan Beach Internationa Resort Lagoi

What is the objective of this event?
  • Get together with old friends, having fun. That's all.

Who are the organizers?

Where is the venue and when:
  • Villa Angsoka No. 06, Bintan Lagoon Resort, Bintan Beach International Resort Lagoi.
  • Saturday, 27 October 2007 started 17.00 hrs Bintan Time

Is it only for ex_BRC Staff?
  • Yes, only for all exBRC staff batches 1994-1999 and the family.
Can I bring along friend?
  • Subject to the availability of the seat and logistic support. A maximum additional 2 persons are allowed upon approval of the Organizer
How to participate?
  • Just email to any of email address stated above.

  • Deadline for confirmation of partcipation is 22 October 2007.
How is the accomodation and transportation arrangement?
  • Accomodation and transportation from and to the Venue is on the participant costs. Organizer will only assist upon request.
Do I have to pay?
  • Yes. Participant is required to contribute Rp. 100,000 per pax. Children (0-12 yrs) are free of charge.

  • For solidarity reason, the organizer may at it's own discretion allow a discount up to 50% to certain member which meet the criteria.

  • The organizer will adopt a cross subsidy policy in the participant contribution. Therefore other member are encouraged to contribute more than the stipulated amount. The more extra contribution from the able member received will allow organizer to invite more member who can not afford to pay but would like to come.
  • Or the able member may want to pay the contribution for other member he/she reccomend to be invited.
How to pay?
  • Transfer to any of the following bank accounts:

  • Bank Internasional Indonesia Tanjungpinang Branch Acc # 1-197-15874-5, acc holder Mufri AK email to:

  • Bank Central Asia Lagoi Branch: Acc # 8900021349 acc. holder Djunaidi Maskur email to:
  • Please assist the organizer to send email to the respective account holder address when the payment is made and cc to:
  • If you have problem making the bank transfer to the above accounts before the event, please let us know by email.
What are the programme?
  • Garden dinner barbeque

  • Music and Karaoke

  • Free and easy

  • Any suggestion for programme are mostly welcome

Monday, September 17, 2007


Denny Sitohang on the left

My former boss in Bintan Resort used to give me this title, the most eligible bachelor in Bintan Resort. Well he's just trying to please me. The only truth was that, I was the only bachelor Accountant in Bintan Resort at that time.

But I can introduce you one name that really deserves this title. For he's one of Sitohang's most eligible bachelors.

Denny Sitohang born and grew up in Medan. Now in his early 30, likes outdoor and extrem sport. Denny is an off road race mad.

His only dream is to become a real jouirnalist. And now he is the Chief Editor of Medan based daily newspaper Global.

But not only that, Denny is photographic talent. Many of his photo shots had been published in major world newspapers as he also working for Associated Press Television News Jakarta bureau.

In Medan Denny is one of favorite judge for talent scouting competition such as Indonesian Idol or miss pageant. And one important thing he is a photogenic himself. Check this out....

A model look

Off road his favorite sport

Young succesful journalist, good looking, photogenic, what more...

And last but not least, Denny is still available..........

Saturday, September 15, 2007


Old man says: "Time flies very fast".
It's been more than or almost a decade.
Since you and I joined BRC between 1994 and 1999.
And left BRC afterward looking for a new and greener pasture somewhere else.

Now it's the best time for recollection. Remembering all good moments we had in the past.

We are organizing a reunion of exBRC staff whose join period between 1994-1999 on:

Day/date: Saturday/ 27 October 2007
Time: start from 17.00 hrs Bintan Time
Venue: Angsoka Villa #06, Bintan Lagoon Resort, Bintan Beach International Resort Lagoi

It's my great pleasure to invite you, wherever you are now:
Kenneth Tam, Eva Amalia, Pontianus Sugiharto, Mufri, Syafliana, Yoresday, Max Ridarto, Endang, Budi Santoso, Sugriwo, Lily Fitriana, Dewi, Noviyanti, Guntur Rawiyanto, Syafliana, Triwanto Budi, Desy Hutabarat, Nancy Lapotulo, Azman Ibad, Puji Riana, Rusianti, Mariana, Maxi Elath

Yar Rachman, Giles Miranda, Dr. Sandra, Oon Lye Kim, Vincent Chua, Syamsudin Yahya, Bambang Suhartono, Hendry Chua, Mark Chadwik, Fred Tan, Eddie M. Ducusin, Shaari Mohd., Dr. Horas Tobing, Husni Nazar Putra, Jeffry R. Tobing, Virda Septiana, Hera Sri Ranjani, Wong Kian Yeuen, Harun Pandapotan, Mohd. Salleh, Rahim Salim, Djuwita, Ani Wijaya, Triana Wijaya, Dr. Heru, Dr. Jauhery, Dr. James Siagian.

And also:
Lim Yeow Pheng, Wilson Tay, Faridah Masran, Vanda Wijaya, Agung Setiawan, Michael Lim, Dominic Adiya, Sahata Situmorang, Djunaidi Maskur, Siti Nuraisyah, Danang Legawa, Ernest Raj, Rudy Syarif, Laksana Pelawi, John Tehupuring, FX Harjono, Andrew Young

Please accept my apology if I missed any of exBRC staffs name between 1994-1999 from this list.

For further info, please contact:
  1. Petrus Sitohang:
  2. Tuwuh Gunawan:
  3. Or leave your inquiry in the comment column in this blog.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007


I got to publish this in my blog for one reason. Ponti is one of my few real buddies whom you can talk serious things from career, life, politics, IT and investment to many nonsenses or even superstitious things.

Pontianus Sugiharto acting as parade commander during a flag raising ceremony commemorating Indonesian Independence day recently on the rig ship where he is now working on the sea of Natuna.

Ponti is a trained seaman graduated from maritime college in Semarang. He always boasted about this college and his seafaring days so much that I always wonder whether it's true or just his fantasy.

I shared the same unit with him in the company staffhousing since I joined PT Bintan Resort Cakrawala in September 1995. He was the Assistant Manager of Bandar Bentan Telani Ferry Terminal when the beginning of it's operation. He was promoted to the Ferry Terminal Manager in 1998 until left the company in 2000.

If today you find this Ferry Terminal as one of very few ferry terminal in Indonesia operated with international standard, Ponti has to be put in the record as the co-champion together with Rusli Mahmood who set up the system of it's operation. Rusli Mahmood, a Singaporean, is the Ferry Terminal Manager since the beginning until today. I found Rusli and Ponti as the ideal combination of a manager and the assistant who managed to set up the foundation for the Ferry Terminal current operational system which require it's compliance with Indonesian port regulations as well as international standard operation of a resort ferry terminal.

But this achievement did not come overnight. Rusli and Ponti were oftenly arguing each other over how to set up the system to meet Indonesian regulations requirement and being international class resort ferry terminal. The two oftenly disclosed their displeasure about each other to me which mostly due to difference in cultural background. But one thing that both Ponti and Rusli have in common is that the two ended married their neighbour country woman. Rusli, a Singaporean, married Indonesian woman, while Pontianus married Singaporean woman. And both now live in their wife's country. But I'm not sure if they realized this....

Ponti was born in Termanggung central Java to a seaman father. But unlike most javanese, Ponti is an outspoken person. And although he seemed to be rude in spoken sometimes, but in deep Ponti is a considerate person. While his appearance may look untidy, Ponti is a professional seaman who posses the required qualities to be an effective manager for a land post and his knowledge about national and international rules and regulations concerning his job is comprehensive.

Besides that, unlike many seaman, I also found Ponti a computer savvy. One thing I would certanly remembered, among ather things, Ponti was the one who helped create my Yahoo email account for the first time sometime in 1998.

Ponti at Bandar Bentan Telani Ferry Terminal

After courting Faridah Masran, a Singaporean colleague who work for Bintan Resort Cakrawala sister company in Singapore for a couple of months, they get married in Singapore in October 1996. Now they live in Singapore with three children: Nunki Pontianus, Orion Pontianus and Andromeda Pontianus. Since last year Ponti work for a foreign oil and gas drilling company operating in Natuna sea Indonesia.

Nunki, Ponti, Orion, Faridah and Andromeda when school holiday in Kuala Lumpur recently.

Colleagues attending their wedding in Yishun Singapore in October 1996 are (standing from left): Oon Lye Kim, Noviyanti, myself, Vincent Chua, Bertram Wong, Mrs. Wong, Mrs. Oon, Mrs. Yeo, Yeo Nai Meng, Mrs. Giles Miranda, Fred Tan and Giles Miranda. Beside Ponti is Bambang Suhartono.

Petrus M. Sitohang , Pariwisata Dan Kelautan Bisa Jadi Motor Pertumbuhan Ekonomi

KEPRIONLINE.CO.ID,TANJUNGPINANG,- Provinsi Kepulauan Riau dikenal kaya akan sumber daya alam. Letaknya yang juga sangat strategis memun...