Monday, October 15, 2007


My niece Tio Marasi Magdalena Hutasoit (Lena) is the eldest daughter of my sister Frisda Sitohang and her husband Sabar Hutasoit. Lena came to Bintan in 1999 and started her first job as Caddy at Ria Bintan Golf Course in Bintan Resort. After work as caddy for a few years, she moved to work for Angsana Resort Bintan.

Lena went to India for work in mid 2005. She is now working for Trident Hilton Gurgaon Hotel New Delhi India. When she first mentioned her plan to go to India, I was worried whether it's a right decision. I always think that if you plan to work oversea, you should go to a more developed country. And my perception compare to Indonesia, India is not one. But as Lena was so determined to go, I have no choice but to wish her all the best.

She was true, she is now enjoying work in India together with her only daughter Angel. In her last email, Lena told me that Angel now goes to a kindergarten in New Delhi which uses English as teaching language. Besides that, Angel is also now picking up Hindi.

Angel and Lena in New Delhi

Lena poses in one of New Delhi garden.

Angel poses in Indian sari.

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