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The Indonesian ethnically, culturally and religously diversed youths organisations pledged for unity in one nation, one country and one national language: Indonesia in it's 2nd Youth Congress in Jakarta 28 October 1928. This event, popularly known as "Sumpah Pemuda" is considered as one of the most important milestones in Indonesian national movement and fight against Dutch colonial toward an independent and sovereign nation.

All colonials who ruled Indonesian had been trying to divide the nation in order to ensure its control over the vast natural resources of the country.

Because of it's profound contribution to the unity of Indonesia as a nation and country and national language until today, Indonesian commemorates The Youth Pledge every year nation wide. The Government of Province of Kepulauan Riau in colaboration with the Indonesian Youth National Committee (KNPI) commemorated this event in Tanjungpinang with various programs. Among others is the breaking of the longest Youth Pledge text reading record by 28 young men and women whom all born in the month of October. The new record is recognised by Indonesian Museum of Record (MURI).

The main program for this year commemoration, the first ever held in Tanjungpinang the capital city of Province of Kepulauan Riau, was the Youth Gala Night (Malam Gebyar Pemuda) at Kaca Puri Sport Building Tanjungpinang on Sunday 28 October 2007. The guest of honor of the event were Governor Ismeth Abdullah, his wife who also the country Senator Mdm. Aida Z. Ismet Abdullah and the Mayor of Tanjungpinang Mdm. Suryatati A. Manan. All leaders of Youth Organisations exists in the province were also invited including the Provincial Board of Catholic Youth of Kepulauan Riau which I myself lead.

Aside speeches from Mr. Edy Sofyan, the Head of Youth and Sport Office and Governor Ismet Abdulah, the Gala Night also presented a video clip showing speech by Berto Izaak Doko, the Provincial Board Chairman of Indonesian Youth National Comittee and the photos of activities conducted by various Youth Organisatition in Kepulauan Riau Province including the one from Catholic Youth.

Governor Ismet Abdullah on behalf of the Goverment of Kepulauan Riau presented the fund assistance certificate to each youth organisation amounting of Rp. 5 million each. All youth organisation leaders praised this assistance as a good and positive gesture from government. This certificate presentation showcase the real and genuine support to the existence of Youth Organisations in Kepulauan Riau Province in addition to the support which had been given by the provincial government thus far.

But the most awaited program of ceremony was the performance by Fransisca. Fransisca is one of the finalists of Indonesian Idol who came all the way from Jakarta.
Receiving certificate of fund assistance from Governor Ismet Abdullah. Behind Governor Ismet is Mayor Tanjungpinang Mdm. Suryatati A. Manan. Watching on my right is D. Gunawan Satary, Secretary of Provincial Board of Indonesian Youth National Committee.

Mr. Edy Sofyan, The Head of Youth and Sport Office (in Batik), Petrus M. Sitohang, Chairman of Provincial Board of Catholic Youth (centre), Berto Izaak Doko, Provincial Board Chairman of Indonesian Youth National Committee (KNPI), and Razaki Persada, Vice Chairman of KNPI.

Praising Fransisca for her impressive performance that night.

Fransisca (centre) posing with Ikhsan, one of the KNPI Kepri comitte members (second from left), Mr. M. Ikhsan, Deputy Head of Youth and Sport Office, Mr. Edy Sofyan, Berto Izaak Doko (8th from left), myself, Razaki Persada (3rd from right)

Chat with guest after the ceremony was over.

Chat with one of the students who is member of the Youth Pledge reader team.

Together with Berto Doko sending off Mr Edy Sofyan (no 2 from left)

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