Friday, December 21, 2007


May the joy of Christmas reach everyone on earth;

May the Christmas carols give the new strenght to those who are in sick;

May the prayer of Christmas bring about new hope and peace to people in Irak, Palestine, Darfur, Lebanon, Myanmar, Timor Leste and Papua;

May the clebrations of Christmas inspire world leaders to seek peace and prosperity to the nations and the protection of nature and environment;

May God bless the Holy Father, His bishops, priests, brothers, sisters and all the faithfull: the elders, the children, widows and orphans.

And to all of you: my relatives, friends, and ex colleague:

Adrina Sitohang, Adolf Hutajulu, Agus Hadi, Aloysius Dhango, Anita Gultom, Benhard Sitohang, Benito Lopulalan, Berto Izaak Doko, Bobby Jayanto, Cosmas Simbolon, Caecilia M.R. Kusdiati, Caecilia Lambey, Daniel Ong, Darwis Marpaung, Deliana Parengkuan, Denny Sitohang, Desy Hutabarat, Diana Emerita Saragih, Don Bosco Silalahi, Dominicus Aditya, Edoardo Ducusin, Eji Ruthlein Sitohang, Engelbert Kerong, Farida Simanjuntak, Felix & Fransisca Soureka, Ferry Manalu, Ferianda Cakrajaya, Ferry Marut, Fred Tan, Giles Miranda, Greos Saragih, Hadrianus Jedoma, Heidy Sitohang, Ignatius Suban Nama, Johnny & Amanda Hasibuan, Jamaluddin Sagala, John Tehupuring, Johanes Parningotan Purba, Johnny Purba, Johnson Silalahi, John Richard Tulenen, Joseph Sihombing, Kalver Sitohang, Karles Sinaga, Kasdin Simanjuntak, Laksamana Pelawi, Lim Yeow Pheng, Logiman Situmorang, St. Mangapul Marbun, Manuel D. Odjan, Mulatua Situmorang, Natalis Situmorang, Paulus Irawan, Paulus Bambang, St. Pipin Hasibuan, Parulian Sidabutar, Petrus Surono, Prima & Ily Cakrajaya, Ranan & Peggy Samanya, Rahman Silaen, Simon Sede Sa, Siprianus Sina, Sutrisno, Vino Benediktus, Sabastian Saragih, Sahata Situmorang, Suhunan Situmorang, Timbul Sianturi, Tomok Sijabat, Yar & Theresia Rachman, Yohanes Diaz, Yoseph Ariwibowo, Vianey Sawu, Wilson Tay, Wempy Anggal

Where ever you are now. Allow me through this media greet and wish everyone of you:

A very merry Christmas 25 Dec 2007 and
A very happy and prosperous New Year 1 January 2008

Tanjungpinang, December 2007


Petrus Sitohang & Lenny Purba

and our kids

Gloria Sitohang,

Hilary Sitohang,

Patricius Sitohang and

Gianpaolo Sitohang

Friday, December 14, 2007


My second child Hilary Marito Sitohang turns 5 years old 13 December 2007. Yesterday she celebrated her birthday together with her friends at St. Bernadette Kindergarten.

Hilary in front of her classroom decorated for her birthday

Although she had been awaited the party for weeks before, but shee seemed not very comfortable being the centre of attention of a crowd event by her own classmates.

But her friends and teachers were all very happy wishing her a very happy birthday with prayer, singging, laugh and last but not least, with lot of gifts.

Big thanks to Ms. Siwi, Ms. Sarah, Ms. Lina, Ms. Fero and all St. Bernadette Kindergarten staff for the arrangement, wonderful decoration and prayer.

Hilary, my wife Lenny and Gloria and birthday cake decorated with Barbie doll, Hillary's favorite

Ms. Siwi led the prayer

Lenny helped Hilary cut the birthday cake whilst Gloria and Patrice looks on
Hillary's schoolmate all rejoice for the party

From left Ms. Lina, Ms. Sarah Hilary Ms. Siwi and Ms. Fero

Friends wish her a happy birthday

Give out cakes to her friends

Cheers at last when Gloria, Hilarry and Patrice unwrapping the birthday gifts from friends

A gift and best wishes from good friend

Hilary and Patrice check out their favorite gift

Lenny and Gianpaolo shared the happy momment