Friday, December 14, 2007


My second child Hilary Marito Sitohang turns 5 years old 13 December 2007. Yesterday she celebrated her birthday together with her friends at St. Bernadette Kindergarten.

Hilary in front of her classroom decorated for her birthday

Although she had been awaited the party for weeks before, but shee seemed not very comfortable being the centre of attention of a crowd event by her own classmates.

But her friends and teachers were all very happy wishing her a very happy birthday with prayer, singging, laugh and last but not least, with lot of gifts.

Big thanks to Ms. Siwi, Ms. Sarah, Ms. Lina, Ms. Fero and all St. Bernadette Kindergarten staff for the arrangement, wonderful decoration and prayer.

Hilary, my wife Lenny and Gloria and birthday cake decorated with Barbie doll, Hillary's favorite

Ms. Siwi led the prayer

Lenny helped Hilary cut the birthday cake whilst Gloria and Patrice looks on
Hillary's schoolmate all rejoice for the party

From left Ms. Lina, Ms. Sarah Hilary Ms. Siwi and Ms. Fero

Friends wish her a happy birthday

Give out cakes to her friends

Cheers at last when Gloria, Hilarry and Patrice unwrapping the birthday gifts from friends

A gift and best wishes from good friend

Hilary and Patrice check out their favorite gift

Lenny and Gianpaolo shared the happy momment

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