Friday, January 11, 2008


In fulfilment of one of our weeding vouws, I and my wife brought our youngest child Gianpaolo Hamonangan Sitohang, born 7th March 2006, for baptism at the Church of The Heart of St Mary Immaculata Tanjungpinang on the 2nd day of Christmas 26 December 2007. Father Marianus Manse, celebrated a mass for the occasion in which 33 other children received their baptism, the first sacrament in the Catholic Church.

Father Manse baptized Gianpaolo with blessed water, oil and the holy spirit

From left: Fr. Manse, myself, my wife Lenni Purba, Gianpaolo, Suhartini and her husband Johanes Vianey Sawu Gianpaolo's god father and my eldest child Gloria.

Yohanes Maria Vianey Sawu (right) my son God Father and his wife Suhartini passes the candle to Lenny.

From left: myself, Patricius, Gloria, Hilary, Gianpaolo and my wife Lenni Purba. My mother in law Mahita Silalahi is behind Gloria.

Family photo in front of Mother Mary statue beside the church after the mass over. Left to right: myself, Particius, Hilary, Lenny, Gianpaolo and Gloria.

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