Tuesday, February 26, 2008


If you happened to be in Medan in these few days, something interesting awaits you. Tondi Art Galery is holding an art exibitition titled "Eksposisi 7".

Painting by Henry Dijckstra

Tondi, bataks means soul, is the new happening in Medan, the biggest city in Sumatera. The galery founded by Grace Siregar in 2007 aimed at promoting modern in the capital city of North Sumatera province. Grace is a native of Batak, degree in law but turned to painting arts. He learned paintings form Dutch artist Jan van Stolk in Holland.

Day/date/time: Saturday, 1 March 2008/2pm

Venue : Galeri Tondi Jl. Keladi Buntu No.6 Medan-SUMUT 20153

Artists :
  1. Budi Siagian
  2. Rasinta Tarigan
  3. Henry Dijckstra
  4. Jimmy Siahaan
  5. Yosrizal
  6. Achy Akswana
  7. Ardi

The exibition will be opened with the collaboration art work of the 7 artists and poem reading.

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