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The Sitohang clan produces quite a number of renowned Batak taditional artists. To name a few are the late Dahri Umum Sitohang, the founder of famous Batak opera "Dos Roha" and the late Mangumbang Sitohang, founder of the other Batak Opera "Saut Sinta Uli".

Martogi Sitohang and one of his caucasion friend during performance in Los Angeles United State in 2006 (Photo: collection).

Sang guru Martogi Sitohang in one of his performances in Jakarta (Photo: collection)

The younger generation of Sitohang who continues this path is Martogi Sitohang, born in Samosir North Sumatera. Gifted with great skill in playing all Batak traditional music instruments, Martogi equipped himself with a degree in enthnomusicology from University of North Sumatera Medan.

Martogi has performed in many big shows including some performances in United States and Europe. He master not only Batak instrument but also the modern one such sexophone, classic guitar and many other. But the main instrument that he master in most and has a special brand is with the tradional batak flute called Sulim or seruling. Due to his fantastic skill in playing the Sulim which oftenly leave his audience to tear, he is now fondly called "Sang Guru", the master" of Batak Sulim.

Motivated to preserve Batak traditional music among Batak young generation, Martogi who now domicile in Medan, teach a group of elementary school students as their extra curriculair subject.

If you want to check out one of his pieces titled "Andung Andung ni Anak Siampudan" please go to the bottom of this blog and click the play button of the music link.

Enjoy listening....

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