Saturday, March 8, 2008


My youngest son Gianpaolo Hamonangan Sitohang was born on 7 March 2006 in Tanjungpinang. Yesterday he turns 2. I insist to have simple but memorable celebration for his birthday this year although we were obeserving Catholic fasting period.

Gianpaolo Hamonangan Sitohang

I also felt very grateful because my dad is at home visiting us since last week.

We named him Gianpaolo or Yohanes Paulus in bahasa Indonesia spelling or John Paul in english or Jean Paul in French with the purpose as rememberance of the great John Paul II the Pope, the man of our time I admire most. I also hope that my son will in one way or another follow him in doing great things for humanity and world peace.

His sisters Gloria and Hilary and brother Patrice gave him birthday gifts. And we all sang him happy birthday songs, make a prayer and eat the special fried noodle.

Special...? Yupe. Because I make it myself..... I saw my dad took big portion and had the second helping...

"Happy birthday son.

May God blesses you with health, protection, long and happy life..."

Lenni, Gianpaolo and me posing before his birthday candle light blowing (Photo: Jo Sitohang).

Lenni helps Gianpaolo to cut his birthday cake accompanied with cheers by his sisters Hilary and Gloria (Photo: Jo Sitohang)

Three generations of Sitohangs: my dad, me and Gianpaolo (Photo: Jo Sitohang).

My dad, Patrice (Gianpaolo's elder brother) and me (Photo: Jo Sitohang).

My dad, Parluhutan Sitohang (my causin) and me (Photo: Jo Sitohang).

Jo Sitohang and me (Photo: Hendrik).


Nimrod Sitohang said...

Selamat Ulang tahun buat adekku GIANPAOLO SITOHANG yang ke-2 semoga tumbuh sehat selalu, jauh penyakit, diberkati Tuhan Yesus papa ditambahi rejeki dan mama juga.

dari abang
A.Naomi Sitohang (Batam)

PMS said...

Pak Naomi,

Makasih atas doanya. Kami tidak rencana buat acara. Karena sedang mengikuti puasa menjelang paska, dan pantang makan daging tiap hari Jumat. Jadi tidak pantas buat acara rame-rame. Makanya gak ngundang-ngundang.

Salam sayang kami buat Naomi...