Saturday, March 22, 2008


Herman Effendy, Indonesia born Singaporean is now the new Bintan Offshore General Manager effectively since beginning of March 2008. Herman Effendy was previously one of the Project Managers of Keppel Fels yard in Singapore. Now Herman will take charge of one of Keppel Fels yards which scattered in Asia, Europe and America.

In doing so, Herman will be assisted by few dozens highly trained skilled and experienced expatriates and Indonesian engineers. In order to ensure its multinational and multicultural staff can blend as a team work, Keppel Offshore Marine Group Spore implants KOMMON (read: common) values to all of its staff called "a Can Do" passion.

I would like to wish Herman Effendy all the best in his service to Bintan Offshore. A service to Indonesia too.

Herman Effendy third from right.

Zurkani Alfikri (right) Facility Superintendent of Bintan Offshore is native of Bintan.

Budi Haryadi (right) a Civil Engineer head of Yard Development section.

From letf: Muhammad Haris (Facility Supervisor), Muhammad Razi (Material Controller), myself, Dedi Sulistio (Safety Promoter) and Mizan Taufik (Drafter)

Bintan Offshore project engineers: Wan Ahmad Lutfi (left), Firdaus Taha (a QA inspector, Singaporean) and Sonny Febrianto (right)


Muhammad said...

Congratulation Boss...hope for next time your website can be good and anybody can access your website.
Ehmm...btw i'm 1st for send this comment..ha...ha...
Good Luck....HORAS

PMS said...

@ muhammad

Thank you bro.
Keep the CAN DO spirit going. And keep up the good work. To make Bintan Offshore THE PROVIDER OF CHOICE...

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