Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Magnificent view of Lake Toba and Samosir island from Tele. Village on the valley just on the side of the lake is Harianboho, birth place of the famous poet Sitor Situmorang.

Suhunan Situmorang was the first one who rang the bell that TELE is in danger of destruction. He emailed me and few of his Batak friends who origin or descendant of Samosir people.

Apparently Mangindar Simbolon, the Regent of Samosir of North Sumatera Province had given in principle license for a Korean company to turn 2000 ha forest land around Tele into a flower plantation in late 2007. The Korean company was reported to invest US$ 9.2 million for this project.

Suhunan, a journalist and novelist who turns become lawyer and now the Partner of one big law firm in Jakarta is origin from Pangururan the capital city of Samosir. He came accross to this news by chance when he and his fellow Batak artist Viky Sianipar were on their field survey before lauching a self funded environmental conservation project on Samosir island called Toba Dreams Conservation Project in February 2008. The launching of the project eventually took place at Village of Martoba Simanindo nearby popular tourist spot Tuktuk Samosir. They started replanting a 2 ha abandoned land with 2000 trees such as:

A. Hard crops:
1. Sampinus
2. Surian/Ingul
3. Kemenyan (Styrax Sp)
4. Makadamia (anti api)
5. Mahoni

B. Fruit bearing trees:
1. Lengkeng
2. Durians

Suhunan and friends realize that their small effort to help reforest 2 ha of Samosir land which suffers a terrific environment destruction since the operation of a giant pulp mill company in Porsea Toba for the last 15 years and the Regent plan to turn 2000 ha of Tele forest to become flower plantation as a real irony if not the biggest joke ever in Samosir history.

When I called him over the phone he could not understand why the Regent was so naive and willing to destroy the sacred ancestral land of Bataks for only US$ 9.2 million investment. He then start recalling his joyful childhood memory looking mount of Pusuk Buhit and Tele from his home in Pangururan which he believed as the strongest inspirations for him as many other Batak to pursue progress in their life.

He strongly believes that all Bataks must against this plan and help to conserve Tele, Samosir and Lake Toba from environmental destruction.

He closed our hour long telephone conversation by saying "We must pass down Samosir, Lake Toba and its sorrounding to our children just as beuty and green as we inherited them from our ancestor. Otherwise we will be cursed by our children and ancestors".


Tele is a forest highland on the entrance point to Samosir island if you drive from Medan, the capital city of North Sumatera province by Western Trans Sumatera highway. Journey fom Tele to Samosir island will take approximately 1 hour drive from the highland all the way down to the village of Sianjurmula-mula before you reach Pangururan. The view from Tele is magnificent as you pass the forest covering lake Toba from your view.

Panoramic view of Tele and mount of Pusuk Buhit.

Satelite image of Tele and mount Pusuk Buhit in the centre. The legend has that Village Sianjurmula Mula on the valley of Pusuk Buhit is the place of origin of Bataks ancestor.

Satelite image of lake Toba and Samosir Island in the centre.


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PMS said...

Thank you for visiting my blog and fotr your compliment. I've visited your blog. It's in Portuguese if I'm not mistaken. Unfortunately I really don't understand Portuguese at all.

Nafry Marmata said...

Nice saw your Blog. I like your Blog colour Mixer. But the content of it that i like so much. Especially about Toba and the pictures. Oh ya i think you may post more about our culture, behavior and so on. Hope it would influence the younger batak people to love and save our culture. Oh ya "Panoramic view of Tele and mount of Pusuk Buhit Picture". It is nice view, sorry for coping it without telling you. I really like it.. Thank, and keep high spirit..
Horas abang.....

Par Bintan said...

@nafri marmata,

Bro, thanks for vising and your compliment. You too have a wonderful blog. Have visited it few times.

Please feel free to quote or republish my blog content. But please state the source and the credit photo (the photographers name).

Don't worry, this blog will continue to promote Batak culture as your blog does.


Anonymous said...

Please watch this video, Tele Samosir deforestation

Pangajian Pane said...

ture jala ali angha ulaon muna na sian roha muna dison amang parlapo. tabotodo pangaruntaon ni angha si denggan roha dohot angha simata sopiak di bona pasogit songoni nang dipangarantoan siala ni angha si ulok pamangus, alai ndang taralo gogo ni haportibion holong na marsaour di hita marsada sada.

sae gabe jala tarjou muse ma haulion ni tano naung tarpatupa sihol sinahinan,


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Shandy said...

Horas Tulang...
Saya seorang mahasiswa di USU...
Saya sgt sedih melihat berita yg baru saya ketahui ini.
Bahkan saya bertanya dgn teman saya org asli pangururan, tidak tahu menahu soal rencana bupati itu.
Saya ingin bertanya, apa yg bisa saya dan teman2 km lakukan utk membantu tulang ???
Jika tulang butuh tenaga bantuan utk menanami pohon2 di sekitar toba, saya bersedia membantu, begitu juga teman2 saya.
Hubungi saja email sy di
Ditunggu kabar selanjutnya tulang...


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