Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Johannes Pandapotan Purba is one of my most loyal fellow Catholic youth activists for the last 5 year. He helped me established Catholic Youth Kepulauan Riau Province chapter early 2003. Since then he has been the President of Batam Branch.

Joe, as we use to call him, has been very active representing Catholic Youth in Indonesian Youth Forum held in Batam untill today. Besides in Catholic Youth he is also now serve as one of Vice Chairman of Batam Brach National Committee of Indonesian Youth (KNPI) Batam Branch.

But it's not just that. Joe is a civil engineer, religious, warm, and dynamic young man and also a talented violin player.

Joe Purba with his students in one of their performances in Batam.

Joe Purba (third from left second row) and his fellow Chatolic Youth Batam posing with Governor Ismeth Abdullah (fitfh from right) and Malaysian Dt. Sri. Mohammad Khir Toyo (President of Asian Youth Council) after performing as national antheme choir during the Opening Ceremony of Asian Youth Forum in Batam October 2006.

Joe was born in Selimbau, Western Kalimantan. He was graduated in civil engineering from Tanjungpura University Pontianak where he earned his degree. After completing his civil engineering study in Pontianak, Joe moved to Batam since August 1998. He had worked for few developer companies in Batam during the booming period of property industry in Batam.
He learned vilon at home privately and since his second year of high school in Pontianak, Joe had given violin private course to his peers in his town. He was member of violin players in his town Akcaya Symphony Orchestra Pontianak together with Hendry Lamiri. Hendry Lamiri is Indonesian most popular violin player today. 

He continued giving violin lesson at Merry's College in Batam for several years as part time trainer. After long contemplation whether to pursue career in line with his civil engineering education or turn into teaching music, in 2007 he choose music as his career. Joe now runs his own violin course for kids "Sonatina Music Studio" Batam. Presently his studio is the most popular one in Batam for violin course for children. 

His qualification in violin was issued by Associated Board of the Royal School of Music (ABRSM) London. Thus far Joe has trained more than 300 students on how to play music especially violin.
And Joe is still a bachelor. I believe he is one of most eligible bachelors in Batam.


Anonymous said...

he he.. mantap bosss

Anonymous said...

he he mantap boss

Par Bintan said...

Ya, si Joe itu memang sudah mantap.

Seperti namanya, semua sudah dia dapat: bisnis sendiri, rekening bank sudah dapat, mobil dan rumah. Cuman satu itu yang belum dapat: "satu tulang rusuk yang hilang itu".

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