Tuesday, April 15, 2008


For the last two years now, I have been the special consultant for budget and public finance administration matters to Tanjungpinang City Council (Dewan Perwakilan Rakyat Daerah). This is purely professional engagement and non political as I am not affiliated to any political parties in the house.

Tanjungpinang City Council building, new landmark of the city.

Posing with Commision II (Finance and Budget) members. From left to right: Sukandar (PDIP Faction), Fauzy Saleh (Golkar), me and Pipin Hasibuan (Democrat)
Sitting are (left to right) Suparno (PDIP Chairman), me, and Sumarmo (PDK). Standing behind: Endang (Democrat) and Asep Nana Suryana (PDIP, Speaker of Commision II)
During the sideline of the council meeting. Suparno (PDIP Chairman), Zainul Arifin (PPP Secretary), Hartono (Democrat Secretary), me and Leo Siahaan (PDIP).

Tanjungpinang City Council is consist of 25 members representing around 180,000 of the city population. The house is made up by 9 out of 24 political parties contesting in 2004 general who managed to secure enough votes for the seats. They are:
  1. PDIP (6): Maria Titik P. Angesti, Suparno, Asep Nana Suryana, Leo Mangasa Tasman Siahaan, Sukandar and Sulardi;

  2. Golkar (3): R.M.E Mansyur Razak, Fauzy Saleh and Muhammad Nazar;

  3. PAN (3): Irsyadul Fauzy, Azwar Abdullah and Burhanuddin

  4. PKS (3): Muhammad Arief, Muhammad Ali and Wan Firman;

  5. Patriot Pancasila(3): Bobby Jayanto, Tahi Lumbantobing and Charles Haryanto;

  6. Democrat (3): Hartono, Pipin Hasibuan and Endang

  7. PPP (2): Zainul Arifin and Tri Artanto;

  8. PKB (1): Subiyanto;

  9. PDK (1): Sumarmo;
The composition of the city council itself well reflect the ecthnic diversity of the city population.
According to Indonesian law, the City Council together with the mayor is the integral part of local government. It's principal duties are divided into three categories:
  • Legislation: deliberating or proposing local bylaw draft
  • Budgeting: deliberating city budget proposed by the mayor, and
  • Supervision: budget implementation and local administration.
Below is what the Maria Titik P. Angesti and R.M.E. Mansyur Razak, both are council deputy speakers testimony about my service:
"Petrus Marulak Sitohang has been the part time resource person for Tanjungpinang City Council since 2006 especially on budgeting and public finance administration matters.

His knowledge on budgeting and Indonesian laws and government regulations on public finance matters have been very helpful to Tanjungpinang city council in performing its duties on legislation, budgeting and supervision concerning the abovementioned matters. His outstanding skills in computer and presentation technique are the main advantages that make him a reliable consultant on budgeting and public finance administration matters."


pcsolotto said...

Such a nice blog. I hope you will create another post like this.

Togar Silaban said...

It is a great job to be a consultant to DPRD without being "polluted" by poor performance of the members.

Congratulation, Horas

Par Bintan said...

@ Togar Silaban,

Thank you brother.

You have touched the most challenging issues in our country.

I have repeatedly conveyed this matter to all city council member. They all are doing their part on this issue.

The question is could Tanjungpinang city council alone perform well and not get polluted different from the rests in this country?

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