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Wan Ahmad Lutfi born in Tarempa Island 3o years ago. He is a proud son of Tarempa, one of the most remote islands in the northern part of Riau Archipelago Province. He ussually identify himself as "Si Anak Pulau", the son of the island, the one who is considered as the true member and the vanguard of the place. Tarempa island is part of the country oil and gas rich Natuna Regency.

Wan Ahmad Lutfi, Bintan Offshore Project Engineer. Behind him is the giant floating crane HERCULES with lifting capacity 2,500 ton when lifting up one block to the barge.

Lutfi, as his colleagues ussually call him, spent his childhood in his home town Tarempa and then moved to Sedanau, another island in Natuna where he finished his Junior High School. After that his parent sent him to Tanjungpinang, the capital of the then Riau Archipelago Regency to continue his study in senior high school. Before its split, Natuna, as well as the now city of Batam, Tanjungpinang, Regency of Bintan, Karimun and Lingga were part of Regency of Riau Archipelago. All these regencies and the cities are now part of the Riau Archipelago province, the 32nd province of Indonesia. He then went to the Muhammadiyah University Surakarta in Centra Java where he earned his Mechanical Engineering degree.

After finished his study, Lutfy started his career in Bandung as Mechanical Engineer of a company providing engineering calculation, analysis, design and manufacturing of aerospace industry equipment such as wind tunnel testing, Unman Arial Vehicle (UAV), aerodynamic calculation, aeroplane wing design. He then move to another company as Design Engineer of microbattery manufactures providing battery design and battery prototyping to match the customer requirements. In 2007 he diecided to come home and dedicated his knowledge and skill to his very own province and work as Project Engineer in Bintan Offshore project. His duties are to ensure the projects running as per schedule; ensure that the products are fabricated as per drawing and design and ensure that the safety procedures and qualities are followed hand in hand.

Lutfi speaks English besides Bahasa Indonesia and his own native language Malay. He also masters in various engineering computer applications such as: MSES (for aerodynamic design and computational), CATIA (Computer Aided Three Dimension Interactive Application), Autodesk Inventor, Mechanical Desktop, AutoCAD and Microsoft Project

But having completed a tertiery education in engineering, traveling coast to coast and many islands in Indonesia, his upbringin in Tarempa, Sedanau and Tanjungpinang the stronghold of Malay culture, Lutfi remain a typical Malay: a friendly, humble and religious person.

Map of Natuna Regency (map by Google Earth)

Map of Tarempa Island and Anambas isles (map by Google Earth)

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