Friday, May 30, 2008


If this massive logging in Tele continues and followed by the plan to turn 2,050 ha forest into flower plantation the future image of Tele will be like this:



To learn further about the the environment danger Toba Lake is facing please read the following link:

Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Israel FM Tzipi Livni (in the centre, seen here with her counterpart Jordan FM Salaheddin Al-Bashir and Egypt FM Ahmed Aboul Gheit): "In my view, seeking peace is one of the sources of our national strength. It is integral to our children's education, it is the most popular word in Jewish prayer, in our songs, in our literature and poetry and in the speeches not just of our politicians but of our army generals."

FM Livni addressed the President of Israel, members of the Diplomatic Corps and other distinguished guests on the occasion of Israel 's 60th anniversary

Your Excellency, The President of the state of Israel Mr. Shimon Peres

Mayor of Jerusalem , Mr. Uri Lupoliansky,

Dean of the Diplomatic Corps,

Honorable Members of the Diplomatic Corps,

Distinguished Guests,

Thank you for joining us for this celebration of Israel ’s 60th anniversary of independence.
Israelis celebrate each and every year of independence because each and every year is a gift of our own making. Each year we celebrate the return to our ancient homeland after 2000 years of exile.

Israel has been an independent state for 60 years, but being part of the international community is of great importance to us.

For us, independence also means partnership with the global society in which we all live: partnership in promoting democratic values, partnership in facing common challenges, and partnership in sharing the knowledge and experience we gained throughout the last 60 years of developing our historic homeland – despite the lack of natural resources. )

It is true that Moses was promised that Israel would be a land of milk and honey– and indeed we have plenty of milk and plenty of honey, but what about some water or at least oil? – they were, unfortunately, forgotten in the promise…

Israel in its 60th year is proud to be a part of the free world. Our wish is to continue and contribute efforts in promoting the free world’s values on the one hand, while on the other hand confronting those who wish to harm the free world and its values.
The extremists – including, Iran as a state and Hamas and Hizbullah as terror organizations –are watching all of us.
Israel is often the excuse they use, and we are surely on the frontlines of this struggle, but it the values and future of us all that are threatened.
I would like to take this opportunity to thank all those who have shown determination in this difficult struggle – standing up to Iran 's hostile agenda, seeking to prevent Hizbollah's rearmament and denying legitimacy from Hamas for as long as it rejects the Quartet principles and embraces terror.

Dear friends,
We are proud of our achievements, but if you will ask a typical Israeli - and I do hope that you get to meet our citizens and not just our politicians; they are much nicer: - the first complaint that you will hear is that “The world does not understand us..”.
I have to say that I as the Israeli Foreign Minister often feel the same way - although I am not allowed to complain since it is against the advice I get from our diplomats..
I am not referring to the understanding our foreign policy. The audience gathered here has, of course, heard countless speeches about this.
I am talking about something deeper- about the nature of Israel and about who Israelis are. I would like to share with you some things that I am proud of, that are not always understood:
Israel is a country whose celebrations are always touched with some sadness. One eye cries for the terrible loss of life we have had to pay and may still have to pay in the future - while the other eye smiles and is proud of the miracle we have created.
Israel is a country with one of the strongest armies in the world – an army determined never to target civilians even if our enemies never cease to do so.
We are a country that feels incomplete, that has a hole in its heart because 3 of its soldiers, Ehud, Eldad and Gilad are not home or free.
Israel is a country that looks from the outside as one unit, but inside is combined with people from all over the world: from the Middle East to the Far East, from Africa to Europe, from North America to South America.
We all came to Israel , mixed together, creating together a new and wonderful culture that blends the unique and special from each and every foreign culture.
Israel is a country with a world renowned legal system and a strong, vibrant and stable economy - (and this is perhaps a good moment to thank all those supported Israel ’s joining the OECD.)

Israel is the homeland for the Jewish people, but it is also a democracy committed to respecting the rights of all its citizens, and all minorities, even in difficult times.
Israel is a country blessed with a generation of young people bursting with life - who help shape global trends in art and music, who squeeze every minute to enjoy their own life before they join the army and contribute to a larger cause.
Israel is a country where many of its citizens and their parents were born in Europe, still remembering the trauma of the Holocaust, yet seeks to upgrade its relationships and ties with a new Europe (- And here let me thank all those who have supported this upgrade in furthering the Essen declaration – and understand that this relationship is about values and bilateral ties that are not connected to external parties or external events.)
In all this and more I am proud.
Above all, I am proud that despite all the challenges Israel is a country that seeks peace with all its neighbors since its foundation. Generation after generation living in this land has prayed for such peace – and we are ready to sacrifice for it.
In my view, seeking peace is one of the sources of our national strength. It is integral to our children's education, it is the most popular word in Jewish prayer, in our songs, in our literature and poetry and in the speeches not just of our politicians but of our army generals.
It is this same peace that I am fully obligated to achieve. It is the same peace that will end the conflict and not remain another disappointing slogan in this conflict.
You can fail in making peace, and you can make a failed peace – the price in both cases is tremendous.
We need peace to answer a terrible reality of terror, a peace that will protect our fundamental interests because without those there will be no peace.
Two nation states living side by side in peace and security – each providing the answer to the national aspirations of its people.
A peace with security - because security is not an empty word or an excuse, just as peace is not only a piece of paper – peace and security must be seen on the ground.
In this Independence Day I would like to ask the world to respect our aspiration to make peace in the right way, in a real way - a peace that would last for generations to come.
The Israeli leadership is the one that will have to take the tough decisions, to look in its citizen’s eyes and say “We are confident that this is the right thing to do".
This is our own responsibility and we cannot share this responsibility with anyone else.
And we will continue to make Israel a better place to live, because it is our home – we are proud of it and we love it.

Thank you.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008


For me, good parenting is not an easy job. In fact it is indeed a though job. Especially so when you have more than one children. It takes extra patience to be good parent. They are influenced not only by what you say or do at home but also what they watch in television or what they hear from their peers in school or kindergarten. Advice from your parent may not also be applicable to current situation as their experience raising you was in a different environment.
So what do I do? Well, I really have no good advice or recipe for you at this momment as I myself still learning how to be good daddy for my four kids. But I always try to bring them for social activity or bring them for outing during sunday or holiday.
Thanks to NISP Bank which held a program for kids "Happy Sunday With NISP" on Sunday 4 May 2008 at Pamedam Court Tanjungpinang. All kindergartens in Tanjungpinang were invited to send three of their best pupils to participate in the colouring competion. According to Rukiat Tasib, the bank Branch Manager in Tanjungpinang, this program is the bank pilot project as part of it's maketing campaign.

Hilary took part in the colouring competion for kindergartens students.

Hilary with her prize.

Gianpaolo plays on the stage while the city kids artists performing.

Gianpaolo trying to partner with this lady performing on the stage.

Tanjungpinang most talented kids trio in action: singing and dancing. Very amusing.

Thursday, May 8, 2008


Some 7,000 Catholics in Bintan Island has one popular place to pay pilgrimage to St. Mary especially during the devotion month in May. The site located in Malangrapat village around 65 Km to northeast of Tanjungpinang. The site was build at the compound of the village St. Peter catholic chapel. Around 300 Catholics live in harmony with their majority Malay and Chinese neighbors in the village.

The faithful gathered in front of the grotto after the mass. They take turn to light the candle underneath St. Mary statue and pay their devotion to her.

I let my son Patricius walk up to the pilgrimage site by himself.

Lenni says her devoition to mother Mary.

Posing infront of the grotto with my son Patricius.

Lenni met with her old friends, Sophia Hutajulu (left) and Aurelia Sawu (in yellow Tshirt).

The site has a beautiful St. Mary grotto build underneath the banyan trees and causarina tress which give natural shade to the grotto and pilgrimage paying devotion to her. The site officially blessed as pilgrimage site for the Catholics few years ago by the Bishop of Pangkalpinang Mgr. Hilarius Moa Nurak, SVD.

Sunday, 4 May 2008, around 700 Catholics gathered at the site for the opening of the devotion month of St. Mary. Father Marianus Manse, the parish priest celebrated the mass together with Father Poldo Situmorang. I bring along my wife Lenni and my son Patricius together to pay our devotion to mother Mary.

"Hail Mary, full of grace, the lord is with thee; blessed are thou among women, and blessed is the fruit of thy womb, Jesus. Holy Mary, mother of God, pray for us sinners, now and the end of hour of our death. Amen".


There is no doubt that wayang, Javanese traditional puppet show, is one of the most popular traditional arts of Indonesia. Today, wayang not only performed by the Javanese but also nonjavanese Indonesian and even by caucasian and many other people around the world. Wayang not only able to express harmony as the very basic foundation of Javanese culture and philospphy of life but also demostrates it's classical fine art. Therefore it is no surprise if Indonesian Permanent Mission to United Nations Organisations in Geneva promotes Kyai Gandrung, a wayang group established in Geneva since February 2000.

Adrina Sitohang in one of Kyai Gandung performance in one of the United Nations events recently.

Adrina Sitohang is one of local staff at the mission whose passion is in music and Indonesian traditional arts. She has been the active member of this group since its establishement in 2000. Adrina and her group Kyai Gandrung have been performing wayang in many occasions in Switzerland including regular performance during Summer Music Festival in Geneva around June-July and on the occasion of Cultural Evening during Indonesian Independence Day celebration.

Adrina's involvement in wayang perhaps purely as a matter of hobby or coincidence. But certainly not for the mission. Using wayang to help promoting Indonesian tourism is a smart decision. Because wayang is a truly made in Indonesia and is really beautiful.

But the next question would be "Will wayang be helpful to boost the posture of Indonesian diplomacy in international fora?" This is something our diplomats should answer. Perhaps it will take some more time to see the outcome. And if it is so then Adrina Sitohang has contributed and done her part very well. "Good job Adrina. Keep it up".

Adrina Sitohang and other Kyai Gandrung personnels.

Adrina Sitohang in Indonesia Nuit in Geneva September 2007.

Adrina Sitohang (right) and her friends performed in Indonesia Nuits in Geneva September 2007. Behind in the piano is Indonesian wellknown composer Chandra Darusman.

Adrina Sitohang in Indonesia Nuit in Geneva.

Monday, May 5, 2008


YouTube Videos

Alyssa Saufika Umari
(fondly called Ify) is daughter of Gina Sonia (former news presenter of TVRI) and granddaughter of Farida Pasha, Indonesian popular movie star in the 80's. Ify is one of RCTI "Idola Cilik" contestants until end of April 2008 when she was unfortunately eliminated from the contest based on sms polling. Ify, like many other contestants of the program, has to bury her dream of becoming Indonesian first Idola Cilik or kids idol not because of lack of talent or poor performance quality but simply because the TV audience opt to choose the other contestant for subjective reasons.
In fact Ify is one of the most talented contestants. She sings very well with stage performance skill. She plays piano and some traditional music instruments such as Batak Taganing. That is why she was one of my kids favorite this season and never failed to send sms to support her until she was eliminated. They were so sad when seeing Ify eliminated...

Petrus M. Sitohang , Pariwisata Dan Kelautan Bisa Jadi Motor Pertumbuhan Ekonomi

KEPRIONLINE.CO.ID,TANJUNGPINANG,- Provinsi Kepulauan Riau dikenal kaya akan sumber daya alam. Letaknya yang juga sangat strategis memun...