Thursday, May 8, 2008


There is no doubt that wayang, Javanese traditional puppet show, is one of the most popular traditional arts of Indonesia. Today, wayang not only performed by the Javanese but also nonjavanese Indonesian and even by caucasian and many other people around the world. Wayang not only able to express harmony as the very basic foundation of Javanese culture and philospphy of life but also demostrates it's classical fine art. Therefore it is no surprise if Indonesian Permanent Mission to United Nations Organisations in Geneva promotes Kyai Gandrung, a wayang group established in Geneva since February 2000.

Adrina Sitohang in one of Kyai Gandung performance in one of the United Nations events recently.

Adrina Sitohang is one of local staff at the mission whose passion is in music and Indonesian traditional arts. She has been the active member of this group since its establishement in 2000. Adrina and her group Kyai Gandrung have been performing wayang in many occasions in Switzerland including regular performance during Summer Music Festival in Geneva around June-July and on the occasion of Cultural Evening during Indonesian Independence Day celebration.

Adrina's involvement in wayang perhaps purely as a matter of hobby or coincidence. But certainly not for the mission. Using wayang to help promoting Indonesian tourism is a smart decision. Because wayang is a truly made in Indonesia and is really beautiful.

But the next question would be "Will wayang be helpful to boost the posture of Indonesian diplomacy in international fora?" This is something our diplomats should answer. Perhaps it will take some more time to see the outcome. And if it is so then Adrina Sitohang has contributed and done her part very well. "Good job Adrina. Keep it up".

Adrina Sitohang and other Kyai Gandrung personnels.

Adrina Sitohang in Indonesia Nuit in Geneva September 2007.

Adrina Sitohang (right) and her friends performed in Indonesia Nuits in Geneva September 2007. Behind in the piano is Indonesian wellknown composer Chandra Darusman.

Adrina Sitohang in Indonesia Nuit in Geneva.

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