Tuesday, May 20, 2008


For me, good parenting is not an easy job. In fact it is indeed a though job. Especially so when you have more than one children. It takes extra patience to be good parent. They are influenced not only by what you say or do at home but also what they watch in television or what they hear from their peers in school or kindergarten. Advice from your parent may not also be applicable to current situation as their experience raising you was in a different environment.
So what do I do? Well, I really have no good advice or recipe for you at this momment as I myself still learning how to be good daddy for my four kids. But I always try to bring them for social activity or bring them for outing during sunday or holiday.
Thanks to NISP Bank which held a program for kids "Happy Sunday With NISP" on Sunday 4 May 2008 at Pamedam Court Tanjungpinang. All kindergartens in Tanjungpinang were invited to send three of their best pupils to participate in the colouring competion. According to Rukiat Tasib, the bank Branch Manager in Tanjungpinang, this program is the bank pilot project as part of it's maketing campaign.

Hilary took part in the colouring competion for kindergartens students.

Hilary with her prize.

Gianpaolo plays on the stage while the city kids artists performing.

Gianpaolo trying to partner with this lady performing on the stage.

Tanjungpinang most talented kids trio in action: singing and dancing. Very amusing.

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