Wednesday, January 21, 2009


By: Petrus M. Sitohang

Barack Hussein Obama, Jr., son of a Kenyan who born in Hawaii from a white mother and spent about 4 years of his childhood in Indonesia, was sworn in as 44th United States President in Washington DC yesterday 20th January 2009 together with Vice President Joseph Biden.

President Obama took oath of his office before millions of people gathering in Washington DC and watched by hundred million of people around the world by live TV broadcast.

In Jakarta, the capital city of Indonesia, thousand miles away from Washington DC, hundreds of US citizens living in Indonesia gathered at JW Marriot Hotel watching the inauguration of President Obama. Joining them were students from Menteng Jakarta primary school where Obama spent few years studying when his mother Ann Dunham followed his Indonesian step father Lolo Soetoro moved to Jakarta in 60's. The students performed local dances to symbolize the strong emotional bonding and support of Indonesian people to the new President of US.

One of the students expressed hopes and message to President Obama that he will strengthen bilateral relationship between Indonesia and the US and that Obama will put and end to Israel Palestinian conflict.

Sulaiman Prabowo, one of Obama's friend hopeful that one day he will meet with Obama when the President visit Indonesia.

I would like to join millions of people around the world to wish President Obama all the best as US and world President.

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