Saturday, November 26, 2011


My youngest sister Dien Sitohang and Eric Primasetio get married on 30th October 2011. The holy matrimony service was conducted at St. Anna Catholic Church Duren Sawit Jakarta at 13.00 hr. Father Joseph Situmorang, SJ preside over the mass which attended by families, relatives and friends of Dien's and Eric's.

The wedding reception held at Puri Caping Gunung, Camp Wisata Taman Mini Indonesia Indah Jakarta on the same day started at 17.00 hrs.

My big families made this occasion a special reunion as all of my siblings and our spouse and kids were able to attend it.

Our beloved father Marthin Sitohang and my mother Maria Pakpahan (customarily now called as Oppu Gloria Sitohang) have 4 sons in law, 2 daughters in law, 15 grandchildren and 1 great grandchild.

On behalf of Dien and my big families I would like to thank every one who joined us celebrating this special occasion in various ways. God bless all of you.

To Darwis Marpaung, Salomo Damanik and my dongantubu (clan brother) Perry Cornelius Sitohang, Bachtiar Situmorang and Piter Sitohang, my big thanks to you all for coming and joining me celebrating this occasion.

May God bless Dien and Eric's become a loving and caring wife and husband, faithful to each oother and happy family before God, family and the community.

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