Monday, January 22, 2018

She Is Still My Little Girl and Will Always Be

My eldest daughter Gloria Marisa Tiurmaida Sitohang, is now in her final year at St. Mary Senior High School Tanjungpinang. Being the eldest among her siblings, she usually manages her study on her own. When we look back, I and and my wife Lenny remember that she usually managed her own things with a very minimum assistant from us. And with that kind of situation,  since in the elementary to secondary and now in senior high school, her mark usually among top 10 students or above in her class. And to my surprise, last year she was elected President of St Mary High School Student Organization (OSIS), something I considered as a important achievement. 

Being my first child, I still remember fondly how she grew up from a chubby baby with our utmost care and love. And thank God, she grew up healthily from a curly, cute and curious baby to become a young girl with high target set by herself for her future. 

During our family new year holiday in Jakarta this January, she asked me to bring her to University of Indonesia campus in Depok, in the outskirt of Jakarta. This special request came to no surprise to me. For the last one year she has been showing her strong interest to this most prestigious university. Apparently, like her father, she also keen to set a high target for herself to achieve. Something that lately, I hate it myself.
As we touring UI campus by walk and by campus bus that day, I can see that she really enjoyed the environment. As any father in the world, I will support her to reach her dream. Because, no matter what, she is my little girl, and will always be.  

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